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Not your typical Masterplan

Planning Process

We saw that the public construction industry was over-reliant on poor planning documents that typically addressed only certain issues and did not resolve the real issues: cost and prioritization while connecting to your vision and Strategic Plan. Basically, you got a lot of nice pictures you could put on the shelf to collect dust. We knew there had to be a better way.

We have since completed detailed Strategic Facilities Plans for more than ten million square feet of indoor space and more than 3,000 acres of outdoor space. 


By revolutionizing how infrastructure planning is performed in Texas, we provide a  multiyear comprehensive course of action that addresses all buildings, property, and  infrastructure. We connect your vision to your facilities. The process is as important as the finished document. The result is a legacy document for future boards and staff that retains the integrity of your vision and  strategy.

Our success in facility planning comes from an extensive background with delivering  public construction projects t
hat include vision, planning, elections, design, procurement, and construction.

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