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Project Partner is a unique approach we have spent years developing on actual projects. We believe it provides the ultimate balance of cost and benefit for you.


Project Partner:

  • Protects your taxpayer funds

  • Trains your staff how to navigate now and in the future

  • Cost much less than Project Management

  • Empowers your team to take control and keep it

  • Improves competence, confidence, and communication

  • Reduces your risk

We work with your designated staff, no matter their level of experience, and show them how to lead and make decisions throughout the life of your project. Our team handles the expert-level stuff; your staff handles the day-to-day. Our team and your staff can outperform the other guys and save you plenty along the way. Plus your staff gets exponentially better. 

You need an Owner Representative. Now you can have optimal representation while improving your team.

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