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Plan Review

We provide technical review your design plans to make sure your architects and engineers are operating on your project the way you want.  If you only do one thing with us, this needs to be it. You won't regret it. No travel. No expenses. Amazing ROI for you.

  • Our experience shows that about 65% of all final plans do NOT meet all applicable Codes.

  • Over-designed projects are often the result of limited communication with design team or lack of understanding by the Owner.

  • Plan review is one of the best Risk Management practices

Benefits to you:

You get plans that are not over designed or contain things you don't want.

You get plans that are Change Order-resistant.

You get plans that are cost-effective, sustainable, and Code Compliant.

You get comprehensive reviews: engineering, architectural, Building Code, ADA, HVAC, structural, geotechnical, civil, MEP, LEED, traffic, etc.


Our team will provide the 4 types of plan review:

  1. Peer review

    • professional review of design professionals​

    • we do not hesitate to question design

  2. Code review

    • certified Code reviews for Building, Fire, ​ADA

    • required by State if no local Certified reviewer

  3. Constructability review

    • review to ensure plans are build-able and match specifications​

  4. Value-Engineering review

    • we identify options that reduce up front and maintenance costs​

    • we provide alternate solutions or materials

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