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Redefining Sledge and Leaving Our Own Legacy

I started Sledge Engineering 14 years ago when I saw a need for public project management and for responsible use of taxpayer dollars within those projects. In the past 14 years, I have added four members to the Sledge team, worked in 40 Texas school districts, managed and planned more than $1 billion in projects, and provided $40 million in cost savings. Our clients, our teamwork, and our projects that translate into establishing more efficient and effective learning and public institutions throughout our great state for generations to come, is what excites me everyday about my job.

In a recent trip to the Grand Canyon, my wife and I took the opportunity to physically challenge ourselves to hike to the bottom and back in one day. These intense moments in life help bring clarity to what is important and what truly matters. For me, it became clear that with the work we do we must be cognizant of the legacy we leave our children and the next generation. As a result, I'm redefining Sledge, our scope of services and offerings, and finding new ways to share the knowledge we have gained with more than 75 years of combined team experience.

What kind of changes can you expect to see from Sledge in the coming months? Starting with a new website, you will see some new marketing aspects like a logo, slogan, this blog, a booth that my team and I got together to build by hand, and some sweet swag we will be bringing to the upcoming conferences this fall for Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) on Sept. 28-29 and Texas Municipal League (TML) on Oct. 10-12. You might see that we are getting more concise with our messaging, as we move into a new partnership with Educational Service Center Region 13 that expands our focus on training and informing boards and councils responsible for major public projects. What you will definitely see in this coming year is our renewed resolve to help Texas communities leave a better legacy. When we are hired by a public entity to manage a project we ensure that these standards are met: Reasonable, Accountable, Transparent, and Efficient.

Grand Canyon picture taken during hike down to the bottom

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