Construction Projects

Many states require 3rd-party Owner's Representative services for your construction projects. Texas requires it for all Design-Build projects. Texas does not require it for other projects. While we are all for less government and less red tape, it is clear you need to have experienced expertise representing you without conflict. That means your design architect or engineer cannot be your Owner Rep by obvious definition.

Benefits to you:

You get budgets that are comprehensive and accurate.

You get plans that are Change Order-resistant.

You get procurement that is done correctly and strategically.

You get construction oversight engineered to protect you.

You get a project that is reasonable, accountable, transparent, and efficient.

You get to Leave a Legacy you can be proud of.

We specialize in the following Construction Project services:

  • Plan Review- We provide technical review your design plans to make sure your architects and engineers are operating on your project the way you want.  If you only do one thing with us, this needs to be it. You won't regret it. No travel. No expenses. Amazing ROI.

  • Pre-Bond Planning - helping you take your plan to a focused project. Figure out how much it will cost and how to pay for it.  Time to make sure you can deliver on those promises.

  • Procurement Management- We know every available procurement method allowed in Texas. And we've used them all. Quit using Low-Bid method and learn CMR pitfalls.

  • Project Partner- We stay with you all the way until you cut the ribbon and delivery success. You will learn a massive amount along the way. It's like having an expert in your pocket. And again, we use technology and our processes to reduce our costs for you. Plan Review and Procurement Management included

  • Project Management- We carry the ball for you and handle everything.  Acting as an extension of your staff, our team handles your project from concept to completion. Because you have a full time job already.

  • Design-Build 3rd Party - If you have a Design-Build project, Texas state law requires a 3rd-party professional review.  Plus it's a great idea to ensure accountability.

  • Construction Audit - ​When you need to know how you are being treated. Or maybe you just need to prove it to your taxpayers. If there was a problem, we'll find it. We know how the game is played.