City Engineer

We founded our company on this service. Small cities can now get affordable, top-quality expertise thanks to our processes and procedures. Our founder, a former on-staff City Engineer, understands the rigors of customer service, the politics of city management, and the staffing expectations and workloads.

We specialize in the following City Engineering services:

  • Affordable Expertise- Our unique methods and processes allow you direct access to real engineers while avoiding the common costs of travel, reimbursables, and other frustrating expenses. The typical reliance of asking your design engineer for help is over. You can let your design engineers do what they do best - design. We will do what we do best - represent owners.

  • Development Plan Reviews Your city gets our proven, developer-friendly but city-strong, Engineering Manual. We understand how to be consistent and to communicate with developers. Developers want the rules to be up front, fair, and consistent. Cities want good infrastructure and clean processes. We got this.

    • 100% paperless operation​

  • Planning/Building Department Services - you get platting, zoning, and building official help. from our engineers and Certified Building Officials.

  • Floodplain Administration - you get a Certified Floodplain Manager to manage and review your floodplain issues.

  • TCEQ Annual Reviews - water and wastewater permitting and management

  • Impact Fees - creation of defendable Impact fees to new development as supported by texas law

  • Drainage Utility Fees - creation of defendable, legitimate fees for drainage projects as supported by Texas law.

  • Developer Fees - creation of development fee system to offset plan review and inspection costs.

  • Grant Assistance - you get help in identifying and acquiring grants of all kinds.

  • Street Assessments - you get on-site professional inspection of all city streets including industry-standard Pavement Condition Index scoring.